Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Video on Intermittent Aggressive Disorder

Intermittent explosive disorder is in the category of impulse control disorders. It is characterized by the inability to resist aggressive impulses, resulting in attacks of anger and violence with the consequence of destruction of properties or verbal and even physical aggressions. Some examples of this behavior include threatening or hurting another person and intentionally breaking or damaging an object of value.

The degree of aggressiveness expressed during an episode is totally disproportionate to any provocation or situational stress. The individual may describe the episodes as "attacks" in which the explosive behavior is preceded by a feeling of tension or excitement and immediately followed by a feeling of relief. Often the regret after the attack is genuine, although that does not remove the damage it may have already caused. For this reason the person who has suffered the attack may feel very ashamed of their behavior.

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