We are the arithmetic mean of the 5 people with whom we spend more time

We are the arithmetic mean of the 5 people with whom we spend more time

Delving into the people around you who are in our lives can tell us a lot about ourselves. In fact, there are studies that confirm that the people we spend more time influence us greatly. And more than we think ... Let's see it.

How does our environment influence us?

Jim Rohn is considered the father of self-help. During his professional career in the field of psychology he conducted studies from which he obtained very interesting conclusions and the most curious.

One of them is the statement from which this article starts, and that is that we are the arithmetic mean of the five people we spend the most time with. And this is something that really makes all the sense in the world. Why does this happen?

People are like sponges. Although there is a very strong component of our own personality and intrinsic aspects to us, the truth is that the influences of our environment condition us in a very obvious way.

If we reflect on this statement by Jim Rohn, we will realize that it has a lot of content. Let's break it down and go deeper into each of the parts that touches this sentence and we can see it more clearly.

First of all, if we think about it, it is that, although we are surrounded by many people, our closest circle of trust is limited to just five people. Our partner, our best friends, one of our family members ...

These are really the people who exert a direct influence on our behavior, on the decisions we make daily. In fact, it is these people who, when they disappear from our lives, leave a huge void, even causing us an identity crisis.

This happens for this same reason: we have a lot in ourselves of them, Therefore, if they are not, leave or disappear from our lives, we feel that a part of us does too.

Understanding this, it is much easier to visualize why this phrase indicates that we are the arithmetic mean of the five people with whom we spend more time. These leave you, without a doubt, an indelible mark.

Tell me who you are around and I will tell you who you are

In fact, we invite you to think well about who these people are around you and how they condition your own personality. For example, if there are happy people who radiate good energy, it is very likely that you have just been infected with it and that you too tend to be a happy person.

This also happens in the opposite case, when you surround yourself with people who tend rather to negativity. It is irremediable that in the end these people end up affecting with their pessimism our own way of seeing life, because the influences of our environment are very strong.

The same happens when we are surrounded by fighting people, who tend to make plans, to be on the move. We let ourselves be flooded by its energy and we ended up behaving in the same way. They are people who add us, who make us grow.

From all this a very clear conclusion is drawn: It is important to surround yourself with people who bring positive emotions, to help us grow and evolve. This, together with our own personal work in ourselves, will make us grow, be happier.

The same goes for habits, another aspect in which the influence of others has a lot to do. So, if you surround yourself with people who usually do a lot of sport and lead an active life, It is much less likely that you end up being a sedentary person.

Surely these people propose you plans that include sports activity and you will participate in them. However, if the people around you lead a less healthy lifestyle where leisure is limited to partying and drinking alcohol, you are also likely to get carried away by this.

This does not mean, of course, that each of us has his own personality and that he is strong. In this sense, most likely, our motivations lead us to develop relationships with people who are similar to our tastes and goals of life.

However, sometimes we find ourselves immersed in relationships that are toxic and surround ourselves with people who make us get involved. Therefore, do not forget this statement and try to make your nearest circle full of values That for you they are important and that they make you grow.


In summary, we can say that our personality is formed by the arithmetic mean of the five people with whom we spend more time. So it is important to surround yourself with people who bring us positive things and make us better every day.